Morocco is among the most beautiful and enchanting places filled with great spots for a trekking adventure. You can visit the following few sites to experience the thrills it has to offer.

Morocco offers great open doors for trekking, including the Atlas Mountains, Jebel Toubkal, JabelM’goun, Jebel Siroua, and the JbelSaghro. Contingent upon your wellness level, and season, you can trek, walk or drift in various locales of the area, with or without donkeys to convey the pack, with a guide. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains makes for a staggering occasion. The little towns roosted on the sides of the mountains, the glow and friendliness of the Berber individuals and the unusual perspectives all indicate a stunning Atlas Mountains trekking occasion.

Atlas Mountains Treks

Hiking in Morocco
Atlas mountains are within an easily commutable distance from Marrakesh, and many agencies make Hiking in Morocco a straight forward affair. The route weaves through many towns, where you meet more than inviting Berber individuals and appreciate sublime Moroccan sustenance. We furnish many strolling occasion choices blended with a social association and Berber town life in the High Atlas Mountains. Following great trails and trekking over a progression of mountain passes you’ll encounter Berber way of life that is both intriguing and a treat to the eyes.

Mgoun Circuit Trek

Hiking in Morocco

Mgoun lies in the lovely Central High Atlas, and at 4068m is the second most astounding crest in Morocco. It is one of the most sought-after routes for adventure seekers who like to brave the dangers of nature and indulge in the thrill of the unknown. The Hiking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours can be stretched out to cover the Mgoun chasms and complete in KelaaMgouna or toward the West, include the Tassaout canyons and complete in AitAlla.

Toubkal Winter Trek


Hiking in Morocco

Ascending Toubkal in the winter gives experience, energy and another measurement to strolling in the Atlas Mountains and the perspectives are just staggering. You will have a lot of time to adapt and work on utilizing your ice tomahawks and other forms of ice equipment that is essential for your survival and safety in the freezing temperatures.

Jebel Toubkal Treks

Hiking in Morocco
North Africa’s most noteworthy pinnacle, Jebel Toubkal vaults 4167m into the sky in the Central High Atlas, dishing up perspectives that more than remuneration the exertion of trawling up there. This semi-legendary mountain is the most lauded crest in the nation and it well-merits the acclaim loaded upon it. In summer it is an undertaking that most sensibly fit individuals can handle in a few days from Imlil.

Toubkal is a much increasingly true and complex adventure in winter requiring you to master rigging and other forms of trekking aptitudes. For a debilitating however thrilling difficulties, there are likewise longer tiring Toubkal treks that take around seven days to conclude.

All such factors alongside such amazing and mythical spots combine to give you one of the best experiences in a grand trekking adventure. You also get a superb deal and package with the respective tours and travel guides who also ensure your safety. The beauties of such a trek are breathtaking and is a must visit for any tourists and visitors.


Local Morocco Tours

Amazing Adventures is nothing without trekking at the uncharted places.

Travelling and adventure are two sides of a coin but have you wondered what both seem incomplete without the involvement of the both. Traveling without the adventure seems a dull vacation and on another hand, the adventure without traveling is meaningless. The narrow labyrinth streets at the ancient cities at Medina, undulating sand dunes and dramatic valleys and Atlas Mountain can definitely make your trip an adventure worthy.

The five amazing destinations for trekking in Morocco

1. Sahara trekking

Hiking in Morocco

The trekking at Sahara itself is an amazing experience. You may avail the Moroccan guide while hiking in Morocco. There is the biggest dune in Sahara which you should not miss it. Sunrises and the sunsets are a totally amazing experience which you should not miss while you are trekking at Sahara.

2. Trekking at the Toubkal Ascent

Hiking in Morocco

Mountain Toubkal is one of the tourist dominated places in Morocco. Hiking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours is much easier as the travel agency helps to experience the trekking more swiftly.  The trek will start from the High Atlas mountain base and it will cover the Berber village, Toubkal Summit and other mountain ridges will certainly make your trail worth remembering.

3. Trekking in Jebel Sirwa

Hiking in Morocco

 The Jebel Sirwa is connected through the link between the High Atlas and anti-Atlas. It consists of volcanic mountainous ranges. While trekking you may explore the stone village, cliffs, gorges, plateaus, and alpine meadows. Therefore, you may certainly make the place as your wish lists while you trailing in Morocco.

4. Balloon Flights in Marrakech

Hiking in Morocco

One of the exciting adventures destinations is the hot air balloon at Marrakesh. The hot air balloon launch from the countryside and the balloon flight will cover 15 to 25 km. The flight covers the beautiful countrysides, the local village. It also covers the mint tea village.

The balloon flight comes with different variations as per the prices and the requirements. You can choose from the standard balloon flight, romantic flight, royal flight, V.I.P flight with champagne. The cost of the hot air balloon is little pocket-burning as it includes the vehicle fuels, English speaking guide, means of transportation.

5. Surfing in Essaouira

Hiking in Morocco

If you are wondering where you can get the viability of surfing, then you will be astonished to know that the country offers wide ranges of adventures activities which included surfing. In Essaouira, you can avail the surf sports and you will certainly get hooked with the place.

The trekking comes with a pool of advantages. The trekking may certainly help you to stay fit. In addition to that, it reduces stress and helps to make a strong bond with your family. Hence, trekking requires a good amount of knowledge about the place you will trek, Therefore, consulting a travel agency will always be counted as added advantages as they will provide complete packages from providing a guide to the accommodation and also the food and the transportations.


Local Morocco Tours

Explore the best tourist attractions in Morocco and experience the true flavour of the destination.

Morocco is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that are explored by a substantial amount of travel enthusiasts throughout the year. The North African nations surround the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea due to which it possesses the most magnificent scenic views, shores and coastal borders of all times. The place is famous for many other aspects that have been a significant reason for drawing the attention of tourists across the nation and beyond. It is known for its exclusive ceramics, leather goods, jewelry and many more.

The Sahara Desert

Needless to mention that the Sahara desert is one of the most significant attractions for tourists across the world.  It is a name that people have often come across in the subject geography and is the largest desert in the entire world People often visits it to cherish the high peaks of sand dunes, the blending horizons and the exciting safari activities that are available in the destination.  Other than that, there are ample activities to explore that include the camel ride, quad biking and also Hiking in Morocco.

Sahara Desert

Trekking and Hiking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours is quite popular and is one of the top options picked by the travellers. It leverages visitors to explore several places and cherish the real flavour of the place. Some of the places that you can look forward to in the place if you are looking forward to hiking include the mount Toubkal, Jbelsaghro, and M’goun massif. There are also many other magnificent places for hiking that you can randomly drill down to as per your convenience.

Hiking in Morocco

The dynamic cultural festival

It is best known for its cultural festivals and occasions that reflect tradition and art in the finest ways. It is one of the most colourful countries that treasure the tits and bits of nature and native culture in a dynamic way. The festivals of the destination are extremely fascinating and engaging.  Tourists and professional photographers often visit the place especially for its festivals that are literally world famous. Some of the significant festivals that deserve mention include the Sufi cultural festivals, Imilchil marriage festival Timitar festival, Fes festival, the Gnaoua music festival and more.

The cluster of the royal cities

It is the hub for the imperial cities in the nation. The churches, museums, mosques and the fascinating monuments take you back to the long lost history of Morocco. The cities are admired for their infrastructural style and the overall ambiance they reflect. It is one of the most visited nations by photographers for its royal infrastructural style, scenic beauty, landscape views and many more.

Morocco’s majestic imperial cities


Other than that, the food specialties of the place include the stews and couscous, lamb, chicken, raised fish, etc. The food culture of the place is also enriched with unique spices and herbs that are rarely available at any other part of the world. This is one of the places that treasure several interesting assets to suffice the preferences of all types of tourists.