Hiking is one of the adventure trips that one can opt for. The hiking can be your life time experience. This article is talking about few places to visit.

Trekking in Morocco

There are few countries that have impressive natural beauty. Morocco is a country that has rich culture and scenic beauty. The country is rich in history. These are the reasons the country attracts a large number tourists from all across the world.  When it comes to the scenic beauty, the country has a vast coastline to the distant landscape. The country has rough mountain that beckons the tourists for trekking. The mountains are also friendly to the beginners and let them to gentle hiking. The mountains also have rough terrain that offers the experienced trekker to hike through that.

Few attractive places

Trekking in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco can turn your trip into adventure. There are various parts of the country and you can experience it in various ways. Hiking through the uneven terrain is another way to experience the beauty of the country. When you have decided to hike you should not miss out few places of the country. For example, Jabel Toubkal, is a place is considered as the highest peak of the North Africa. If you want experience the snowcapped mountains then Jabel Saghro is the peak can fulfill your wish. If you visit the country in the late spring then you can find wild flowers in M’Goun Massif. On the other hand, if you want experience the lush greeneries then you can hike through Rif Mountains.

Trekking in Morocco

Tips to choose travel agency

Trekking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours offers you to experience all the places you want. While choosing the agency you need to make sure that your package is comprehensive. Before choosing a travel agency you need to go through the reviews on their site. You should not embark on hiking trip without taking an experienced guide. You need to stay vigilant while hiring a guide. You must ask for the identification of the guide. You need to make sure that the guide you hired knows English so that you can avoid communication gap.

Trekking in Morocco

Safety tips

Nevertheless you hired a guide from a reputed travel agency; you need to be prepared for yourself. While you have planned for a hiking trip do not pack a huge luggage. Take a pair of good quality hiking shoe. There are few essential that one should not forget to take. These are rope, torch, map, compass, water bottle, medicines, dry foods, sleeping bag, etc. While you are opting for a hiking trip you should remain obedient to your guide and should follow all the instruction that you are given.

Visiting the above-mentioned country is popular among the tourists. While you are vising a foreign country your trip always demands an extra diligent from you. You need keep yourself abreast of the current scenario of the place. You need to keep the contact number of local police station and hospitals. Apart from that you need to keep your eye open while you are out on the street. When you are dealing with local shoppers always keep vigilant about the transaction of the money.

Local Morocco Tours

The country is popular among the people across the world as the court is rich in diverse landscapes. One can take up trekking to explore the country but one need to take safety measure.

Morocco is a north-western country and surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. The geography of the country starts from the Atlantic Ocean to the mountain areas. The country has rich cultural and historical significance and along with that the country has with that the country has geography that is diversified. The tourism of the country is well developed and the tourism industry focuses on the mountain regions along with the coast line. The country being the one of the most politically stable in the world helps to grow the tourism industry. Through tourism the country earns a significant amount of foreign money.

Adventurous Tourism in the Country

Trekking in Morocco

Due to thediverse geography the country draws a large amount of tourists from across the world. Trekking in Moroccois one of the adventurous tourisms in the country. It gives an amazing experience to the tourists. The tourism of the country offers the travellersa customized travel plan. A tailored travel plan includes the places of the respective tourist’s choice. The plan that is specified for a particular traveler includes the preferable travel option.

Trekking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours provides a complete package that includes experienced guide, transportation service, food and lodging accommodation. The tourism plan is comprehensive and lets the traveller explore the country the way they want to. The guide they provide is knowledgeable so that one can explore nooks and crannies of the chosen region. An experienced tour guide can helps to explore new routes.

What Kind of Measure One Should Take

Trekking in Morocco

While one is opting for a trekking trip in the mountains of the country one should go through travel plan. One should make sure that they get the appropriate food and lodging accommodation. One should go through the travel plan to ensure that whether everything is included in the plan that one is looking for. One should look for an agency that offers a proper transport to the base camp. Adventure tourism does not require staying in luxury resort; hence, one needs to make sure that they get to stay in the tent. For carrying the luggage in an adventure trip travellers need mules. Therefore, one needs to choose a travel plan that provides all these facilities.

Safety in Travelling to the Country

Trekking in Morocco

The above mentioned country is completely safe to travel. Nevertheless, one needs to stay aware of certain basic things. One should be aware of the currency of the country. Knowing the currency help to convert the currency and get an exact budget of the travel plan. In order to going on a hiking trip to the mountain it is essential to take a local guide. A local guide can solve problem like no one else. One should keep the contacts of the administration so that one can get help at emergency situation.

Lastly, in can be inferred that no country is unsafe for the tourists. One should keep their eye open while they are on a trip to a foreign country. One should remain respectful towards the culture and people of the country to get an affable behavior from the locals.


Local Morocco Tours

If anyone wishes to explore a place he needs someone who knows the place better. Taking along a guide not only provide knowledge but also ensures safety at an unknown place.

People across the world always prefer to visit Northern African countries for their geographical diversities. Morocco is a Northern African country spanning from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to mountains and Sahara desert. Every year the country attracts a significant number of tourists who come to experience the vast and unique terrain. The country has a rich ancient and colonial history that brings many students and scholar to visit the place. On the other hand, the geography attracts people to explore the mountains and desert. The climate plays an important role in attracting tourists who made the place an exotic holiday destination.

Morocco trekking Tours

People who come to visit the place to explore the geographical terrain need a guide who will help the travelers to explore the nooks and crannies of the place. Morocco trekking Tours helps to get the travelers reliable guide. People who come from different place often face a problem if they set off a solo trip. The maps and internet are not always helpful as for internet one cannot get to access it from everywhere. A person who knows the place can help to explore the place; therefore hiring someone who is in the tourism business is a wise decision to make one’s excursion successful.

Morocco trekking Tours

Benefits of Hiring a Guide

There are few benefits a traveler can enjoy if they hire a guide from Morocco trekking Tours by Local Morocco Tours. They provide reliable tour guides for trekking. Trekking is one of the ways to explore the rough terrain of mountains. The process needs both mental and physical strength as one needs to hike and climb. The roads are not as smooth as plains. However, the trekking gives the best experience to the travelers. But, one needs a guide to go on this trip as a guide not only shows the path but alerts the tourist about the possible difficulties, help to cook, help to carry heavy bags and trekking equipment, etc.

Morocco trekking Tours

The benefits of a reliable guide are one can keep his belongings to the guide and travel without being worried about losing things. The guide who has an excellent  knowledge about the place can lead the explorers through safer and shorter paths. Additionally, getting a reliable guide from a reliable agency is important as they have contacts with local police and hospitals; therefore, they can easily resolve an unfavorable situation.

Morocco trekking Tours

The person who is on an excursion needs knowledge about the place beyond the guidebooks. The travel guide can compensate the gap with his knowledge. An indigenous person always has a knowledge that one cannot find in any travel books. A guide always helps to encourage the travelers if ever they become mentally weak and physically fatigue as hiking on a rough terrain is not an easy task. The agency provides a guide who has knowledge about the history of the place so that he can shed light on the facets a traveler should know. Lastly, finding an affable guide tells stories about the place, people, country and his own experience that make one’s trip memorable.

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This Christmas if you want to encounter a fascinating place, then travel to the Lions of the Atlas. This guide talks everything about the beauty of the place. To know more, read on.

Trekking in Morocco

Everyone wishes to visit a fascinating place during any a vacation. The world comes with a wide range of places to visit. And you might get confused a time comes when you need to choose which destination is ideal for you. So, if you are attempting to visit a place during the Christmas vacation, then the best bet would be visiting the Lions of the Atlas, Morocco.

Trekking in Morocco

To experience the best trip encompassing adventure, history, culture, and wilderness, one can definitely visit the place. The Lions of the Atlas comes with a diversifying beauty with majestic palaces, mouth-watering cuisines, large expanses of excellent natural landscapes, as well as interesting museums. So, why is the place authentic to pay a visit during Christmas? To know more, keep reading on. You can also try out Trekking in Morocco.

Trekking in Morocco

Why Visit the Lions of the Atlas?

First and foremost, the place comes with beaches that are lining both the Atlantic as well as Mediterranean coasts. And much to the knowledge of the people, there is no shortage of the seaside relaxation out there. As a matter of fact, the Mediterranean coast comes with rockier beaches. And the sea happens to be rougher. There are multiple people choosing not to swim from there. However, the views are just beautiful. So, families with their children might want to consider paying a visit to the beaches alongside Agadir or even Casablanca. For more information about the visit, you can get the best information about Trekking in Morocco.

Trekking in Morocco

Second, riads happen to be traditional houses or the palaces which have the interior gardens too. In today’s modern world, there are different riads which have also been turned into high-tech hotels. Even if people have good enough accommodations, they must make sure that they take a look at the grander riads, which also have beautiful architecture as well.

Trekking in Morocco

Third, at the south of Anti-Atlas Mountain, there lies the Sahara Desert. Here, you can actually take a camel tour. It happens to be best when people try to explore through the 4×4 tour, or you can also opt for a camel ride. As a matter of fact, the quad tours take you quickly over those sandy roads in the place through the villages. You get to experience more leisurely camel rides. This allows the people to appreciate every possible detail of the desert.

Trekking in Morocco

Fourth, there’s another reason why the place will give you the license to encounter the best possible side of the Lions of the Atlas. And that is the food. You can smell the herbs as well as the spices baked into those local food centers before you get into the place to the place to have the best pleasure of the mouth-watering delights.

Wrap up

From raised fish to chicken or the lamb, meals in the place are just excellent. Thus, this concludes things to know about the Lions of the Atlas.

Local Morocco Tours

Amazing Adventures is nothing without trekking at the uncharted places.

Travelling and adventure are two sides of a coin but have you wondered what both seem incomplete without the involvement of the both. Traveling without the adventure seems a dull vacation and on another hand, the adventure without traveling is meaningless. The narrow labyrinth streets at the ancient cities at Medina, undulating sand dunes and dramatic valleys and Atlas Mountain can definitely make your trip an adventure worthy.

The five amazing destinations for trekking in Morocco

1. Sahara trekking

Hiking in Morocco

The trekking at Sahara itself is an amazing experience. You may avail the Moroccan guide while hiking in Morocco. There is the biggest dune in Sahara which you should not miss it. Sunrises and the sunsets are a totally amazing experience which you should not miss while you are trekking at Sahara.

2. Trekking at the Toubkal Ascent

Hiking in Morocco

Mountain Toubkal is one of the tourist dominated places in Morocco. Hiking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours is much easier as the travel agency helps to experience the trekking more swiftly.  The trek will start from the High Atlas mountain base and it will cover the Berber village, Toubkal Summit and other mountain ridges will certainly make your trail worth remembering.

3. Trekking in Jebel Sirwa

Hiking in Morocco

 The Jebel Sirwa is connected through the link between the High Atlas and anti-Atlas. It consists of volcanic mountainous ranges. While trekking you may explore the stone village, cliffs, gorges, plateaus, and alpine meadows. Therefore, you may certainly make the place as your wish lists while you trailing in Morocco.

4. Balloon Flights in Marrakech

Hiking in Morocco

One of the exciting adventures destinations is the hot air balloon at Marrakesh. The hot air balloon launch from the countryside and the balloon flight will cover 15 to 25 km. The flight covers the beautiful countrysides, the local village. It also covers the mint tea village.

The balloon flight comes with different variations as per the prices and the requirements. You can choose from the standard balloon flight, romantic flight, royal flight, V.I.P flight with champagne. The cost of the hot air balloon is little pocket-burning as it includes the vehicle fuels, English speaking guide, means of transportation.

5. Surfing in Essaouira

Hiking in Morocco

If you are wondering where you can get the viability of surfing, then you will be astonished to know that the country offers wide ranges of adventures activities which included surfing. In Essaouira, you can avail the surf sports and you will certainly get hooked with the place.

The trekking comes with a pool of advantages. The trekking may certainly help you to stay fit. In addition to that, it reduces stress and helps to make a strong bond with your family. Hence, trekking requires a good amount of knowledge about the place you will trek, Therefore, consulting a travel agency will always be counted as added advantages as they will provide complete packages from providing a guide to the accommodation and also the food and the transportations.


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Are you wondering about the beautiful trip to Morocco? If yes, then always make sure that you visit some amazing places, which have gained a massive popularity.

Morocco is one of the stunning and picturesque places and this is fully enriched with the amazing culture and tradition. This is also confined with the camel trek, climate, dirt bike, education, classical and imperial trips. To enable the travelers, the trip or holiday has been organized by the people or just by the government satisfying the ultimate needs of the tourist along with an outstanding vacation. So, once you are there in this place, you would fall in love with the place because of the ample things.

The beautiful Sahara desert

Best Morocco Tours

When you are going to make a plan for the Best Morocco Tours, getting a complete knowledge of the place is very important and that is why you have to do your own research. So, amongst all of the places and reasons, the Sahara Desert is one of the major reasons why people travel there. In Merzouga, one will be able to see the absolute highest dunes, as well as the place, is comparatively an absolute secure destination in comparison with the other countries where the desert occupies large parts of their territories.

Hassan II Mosque

The Best Morocco Tours offer the excellent facilities and amenities to the travelers and as a matter of fact, when you are making a plan to visit the place, do not just forget to visit Hassan II Mosque. Hassan II is the actual landmark of Casablanca but also the most attractive mosque in the place. This is a complete phantasmagorical experience to walk right around the majestic construction surrounded by the haze coming from the ocean. You can surely try to visit the fantastic mosque on Sunday morning when numerous people go to the prayer and the place comes alive.

Best Morocco Tours

Majorelle Garden

The place is enriched with the stunning traditional temples and mosques but amongst all, some of the sightseeing would just leave you speechless. So, amongst all, Majorelle Garden has gained a massive popularity amongst people because of the beauty. It has been made by the French painter Jacques Majorelle but later the home of the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, this specific garden is an attractive masterpiece combining oriental colors and exotic plants. This is a tranquil place, where you can just sit and relax. This is in the Marrakesh, the busy imperial city of Morocco and also the house of the Berber Museum, exhibition of the Berber’s culture, lifestyle, and handicrafts.

Best Morocco Tours

The Raids

While talking about the sightseeing, you would surely see the raids as these are the traditional Moroccan houses, which are often turned into the small hotels. So, feeling cozy behind few thick walls of the guest house right after wandering on small streets, which are quite narrow of the medina will be the time for only indulging in all things in the place has to offer – good food, excellent service, and magical environment. In fact, when you are actually going to the raids, you would surely get ample amount of facilities and beautiful amenities, which will make you fell in love with the place.

Local Morocco Tours

Explore the best tourist attractions in Morocco and experience the true flavour of the destination.

Morocco is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that are explored by a substantial amount of travel enthusiasts throughout the year. The North African nations surround the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea due to which it possesses the most magnificent scenic views, shores and coastal borders of all times. The place is famous for many other aspects that have been a significant reason for drawing the attention of tourists across the nation and beyond. It is known for its exclusive ceramics, leather goods, jewelry and many more.

The Sahara Desert

Needless to mention that the Sahara desert is one of the most significant attractions for tourists across the world.  It is a name that people have often come across in the subject geography and is the largest desert in the entire world People often visits it to cherish the high peaks of sand dunes, the blending horizons and the exciting safari activities that are available in the destination.  Other than that, there are ample activities to explore that include the camel ride, quad biking and also Hiking in Morocco.

Sahara Desert

Trekking and Hiking in Morocco by Local Morocco Tours is quite popular and is one of the top options picked by the travellers. It leverages visitors to explore several places and cherish the real flavour of the place. Some of the places that you can look forward to in the place if you are looking forward to hiking include the mount Toubkal, Jbelsaghro, and M’goun massif. There are also many other magnificent places for hiking that you can randomly drill down to as per your convenience.

Hiking in Morocco

The dynamic cultural festival

It is best known for its cultural festivals and occasions that reflect tradition and art in the finest ways. It is one of the most colourful countries that treasure the tits and bits of nature and native culture in a dynamic way. The festivals of the destination are extremely fascinating and engaging.  Tourists and professional photographers often visit the place especially for its festivals that are literally world famous. Some of the significant festivals that deserve mention include the Sufi cultural festivals, Imilchil marriage festival Timitar festival, Fes festival, the Gnaoua music festival and more.

The cluster of the royal cities

It is the hub for the imperial cities in the nation. The churches, museums, mosques and the fascinating monuments take you back to the long lost history of Morocco. The cities are admired for their infrastructural style and the overall ambiance they reflect. It is one of the most visited nations by photographers for its royal infrastructural style, scenic beauty, landscape views and many more.

Morocco’s majestic imperial cities


Other than that, the food specialties of the place include the stews and couscous, lamb, chicken, raised fish, etc. The food culture of the place is also enriched with unique spices and herbs that are rarely available at any other part of the world. This is one of the places that treasure several interesting assets to suffice the preferences of all types of tourists.

Are you opting for the beautiful hiking in Morocco? Then all you need to know several tips for it as well.

If you are an adventurer explorer, you would love to do a beautiful trekking in Morocco. The early explorers have counted that the high mountains are considered as the best in Africa. Nowadays, the travelers have a great interest in hiking and trek and that is why they opt for the unique and beautiful location to make some memories. This is to say, as lots of people out there travel to Morocco to hike and trek in the High Atlas Mountains, there should be an omnipresent consciousness within the visitors to minimize eco, economic, along with cultural impacts. But before going to do trekking and hiking, people should know some guiding tips.

Camel Tek in Draa valley
Pack your bag properly

If you are opting for the Morocco trekking Tours by Local Morocco Tours, then you have to pack your bag properly before you leave for the trekking. You must carry each and everything that you can need on the trekking tour. Eventually, the bag should be very comfortable and also quite light to carry on the route. You must carry a water bottle, some of the dry readymade energetic food supplements, a good and durable pair of shocks, body warmer, and also a pair of a comfortable sleeper, clothes, etc. You must carry the medications on the hiking trip as well.

Dunes of Chegaga and Daraa Valley

Consider the weather

Hiking or climbing is not an easy task to do but it needs strength, stamina, agility and a great mindset. So, if you want to do the Morocco trekking Tours, you need to be a focus on that thing and you should have the ability to balance yourself and make yourself comfortable in every situation. And before you leave for the trip, you need to know the weather of that place. The higher peaks of the mountain are always snow-capped and that is why the climate is very cold out there. So, try to make a plan in the late spring so that you will be able to make yourself comfortable in the climate. You can also do some research about the climate before going.

Trekking in Jebel Sirwa

Use sufficient sun protection

When you are up for the hiking, using adequate sun protection is very important. The UV-blocking Chap Stick, sunscreen and the quality sunglasses can usually only be bought in the major cities, so if you do not bring the supply from home be sure to pick some up before heading off to the mountains. You can also purchase the thin and light scarf to wrap around the head and that will protect you from the sun exposure.

Know the trail

You really do not want to end up just getting lost in the middle of nowhere. No matter what, always do the proper research before setting out to discover the new trail. There is not any kind of universal metric system accessible in the world that will tell you the level of the difficulty level of the trail. That’s the beauty of it – you never know what you will surely encounter out in the wild outdoors! Gear up for the hiking and do your own research for that as well.